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Product description

The mask has a rechargeable battery power pack, so no cords to plug in while using it on the client!! There is an inner film mask that goes on the clients face first before placing the LED mask on them. This film can be sanitized between clients. Also, additional inner film masks can be purchased. The mask is made of medical grade Dow Corning high consistency rubber silicone elastomers. The 54 LEDs have been tested for wavelength accuracy with a high end optical test instrument.
As with every piece of equipment I come across, China is making their version. You will see a similar looking mask on Alibaba. But from what I’m told from the company I’m working with, the quality is inferior. The plastic is industrial grade and smells (yuck!) and the LEDs are not tested for accuracy. Also, their battery pack may not be rechargeable, so that adds an extra expense if you have to keep replacing the battery.

This mask with red and blue sells for only $325 for one or $275 for two or more (call me to purchase multiple!). It will include a “try me” kit of my Real Transformation products.

My experience

I love using LED light therapy in my treatments. I started with the Revitalight machine way back in 2003. I quickly moved on to a full face panel and I incorporate it into every single treatment I offer. Every client gets at least 10 minutes under the panel during their treatment.

I’ve purchased two full face panels from different companies over the past few years. The first one I purchased was a $10,000 panel. It was good but not great. The next one was a $7000 panel and so much more effective than the first. I’ve definitely learned that not all LED equipment is created equal. I don’t think that we need to purchase the most expensive one, thinking that because it costs more it should be better…not always true. But we also shouldn’t be going for the cheapest deal we can find on the internet. A good panel is going to be an investment. It’s not the first piece of equipment I would recommend investing in, but definitely something to put on the wish list!

10/13/2012: Wow, I sold a lot of the masks at the Face and Body Show. Quite a few Estys were interested in purchasing them to sell to their client for home-use. Hey guys…they’re gonna buy home-use toys on EBay and QVC. It’s actually better that they purchase from us and have some proper directions on use!

11/04/2012: This is very interesting….last Sunday I had more pimples on my face than I have ever had in my life!! My husband even said “Babe, what’s going on, I’ve never seen you like this?” Too much going on right now and I guess I’m more stressed than I knew! Today is the “Empowering Estheticians” workshop here at my Center. I really didn’t want a funky looking face to give this workshop, so last Sunday I started using the mask. I put it on while watching my Sunday night TV lineup! I did 15 minutes of blue (to kill the bacteria) and then 15 minutes of red (to take down the inflammation). I did that three nights in a row and guess what? NO active acne anymore!! Then for the next four nights I did 30 minutes of red and guess what? My skin looks absolutely awesome this morning…whoohoo!! I am more impressed with this mask than I originally was!

What estys are saying

Just wanted to let you know I love the mask! It’s gonna save me a lot of time & it works great. May be back to purchase another soon. Thanks! Robin in Tennessee (she actually did purchase another mask!)

Technical specs

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. The power of light therapy originates back to ancient times. The Greeks first recorded the healing properties of light in 1500BC, when they suggested that exposure to light was essential for the restoration of health.

In 1805, the Danish Physician, Dr. Niels Finsen, received the Nobel Prize in medicine for his work showing the beneficial effects of various wavelengths of light in the treatment of Tuberculosis. The US space research program has examined the effects of gravity on cellular activity. NASA uses LED technology in space to promote wound healing and tissue growth.

Light Therapy is not a new or fleeting science. The benefits of light on the human body and mind have been recognized in the medical arena for over 30 years. Research at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research led to the production of a pure red light source that, when combined with a cream, will kill certain types of skin cancer cells. During this work scientists observed that light on its own had a stimulating effect on cell and tissue regeneration, which greatly improved the appearance of the skin. This observation has led to further developments enabling introduction of light therapy to the beauty industry.

How Light Therapy Works
Light therapy has been shown in over 30 years of independent research to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissue. Visible red light, at a wavelength of 650nm (nanometers), penetrates human tissue to a depth of 8-10 mm. Skin layers, because of their high blood and water content, absorb red light very readily. It is very beneficial to treating problems close to the surface of the skin. The light is absorbed by the cells, accelerating tissue repair, thus speeding up recovery time. This technology is especially successful in the fields of Dermatology and Neurology and is a must in the world of beauty and fitness. The light affects a group of cells at the cellular level. The light causes these cells to release other cellular products. These products have the effect of dilating (opening up) skin capillary blood vessels. The dilation of these blood vessels leads to an increase in the blood flow. An increase in blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Light therapy restores skins natural cellular activity and promotes tissue regeneration. LEDs are similar to Lasers inasmuch as they can emit the same light but differ in the way that the light energy is delivered. Lasers are focused beam, single wavelength light emitters that can be intense enough to burn/cut tissue. LEDs do not deliver enough power to damage the tissue, but do deliver enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself. Aside from the great results, the best news is that Light Therapy has no reported side effects. This is a FDA approved Therapy.
What Does Light Therapy Do?
*Increases circulation *Stimulates the production of collagen *Helps to heal wounds *Protects healthy skin *Helps to repair damaged skin *Decreases pore size *Useful in skin rejuvenation *Increases RNA and DNA synthesis, helping damaged cells to replace more promptly *Stimulates fibroblastic activity *Increases lymphatic system activity *Kills bacteria that causes acne *Comforts sore muscles, aches and pains *Increases moisture retention *Firms skin *Increases oxygenation and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity, which keeps the skin renewed and fresh.


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